About Us
Service Times: Sunday - 10:30am and Wednesday - 6:30pm
15001 Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, AL 35803
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About Us

Morningside is a smaller fellowship made up of people just like you, your friendly neighborhood church. We work hard at loving God and loving each other, and strive to teach the Bible and live by its principles. At Morningside you won’t get lost in the crowd. People will know you by name and love you, and miss you when you’re not here. Our guiding principle and strength is what we call “intimate ministry” – personal and individual life change through authentic relationships. From learning to cultivate your own individual relationships with God, to sharing life together in small groups, to our efforts to impact the people in our individual world for Christ, this principle guides who we are and what we do. Our mission is to build disciples of Jesus Christ as we minister to all ages. So come as you are and give us a try!

Pastor Marty Jordan

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